10 ideas for wedding songs during the wedding reception

The wedding songs part should be arranged as well, this meaning that you have to take into account some names, in order to offer them to the DJ or the orchestra and ask them to be played in a particular context. In the wedding reception, from the moment in which it starts, to the last dance, one has to ensure every song and that it is appropriate for that “situation” as well.
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These being said, we’ve gathered some songs that we find useful to be used in the bridal day and we hope you take advantage of this list as much as possible.

wedding songs during the wedding receptionCredit
Wedding songs during the wedding reception

Let’s also add that we have considered the people who will be glad of hearing such songs and we attach these next to the song.

  • Everyday by Vetiver – although it can be considered as a parody and it is, this particular song is going to be appropriate to be played at the last of the wedding ceremony and let’s add that it’s really romantic in the same time and all the couples will enjoy listening to it.
  • Blame it by Jamie Foxx and T Pain – this is a wedding song that in fact can’t be considered as appropriate for the wedding reception. It’s a funny song in the same time and it can be played also at the end of the ceremony when people is about to go, but also they will feel inspired to dance on it.
  • Down by Jay Sean – is the type of wedding song that is appropriate for all kinds of crowds, the younger ones especially and it doesn’t matter if they have couple or not. We recommend you to play this song, exactly after a slow song when people tend to get bored and you want to get them back on the dance floor.
  • Hey soul sister by Train – it’s the kind of song you play for all the couples in order for them to feel great and let’s also add that you can put it aside the first love songs and really slow ones.
  • Kelly Clarkson’s My life would suck without you – it’s kind of dedicated to your girlfriends and this song is like a message that they will miss you and their life is going to change indeed without you. The most appropriate moment for playing this song is definitely that in which you toss the bouquet.
  • Ward’s Never had nobody like you – is the perfect song for cutting the cake or for simply dancing and sharing a nice moment with all the romantics who are in your wedding reception salon.
  • Black Eyed Peas with I got a feeling – it’s indeed a joyful song and we’re sure that everybody knows it a little bit or they have heard it at least once in their lifetime. We find such a song appropriate for being played whenever you want to start the party in the wedding reception and you can make your entrance on it, if you want to.
  • Only you can love me this way by Keith Urban – it’s the type of song that you can play in a moment of nostalgia and in which the both of you are protagonists. We recommend it for all the country music lovers, because it has those specific beats and characteristics.
  • Dave Matthews Band with You and me – this is the ideal song for making the first dance and we invite the couple to dance on it, as well as the other couples attending the wedding ceremony.
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead with Say hey – it’s the kind of song that will be adored by everyone and you are able to dance freely on it; also, you can play it in no matter what moment you want during the wedding reception.

These 10 songs are meant to enlighten you a little bit in what concerns the wedding reception songs. Of course, you will not be able to make an entire list of the songs to be played all night long, but we can help you a little bit with some suggestions.

We hope that these will turn out useful in a way or another, you should talk with the DJ or the members of the orchestra and make sure that they play at least some of your weddings songs and that they make the playlist in such a manner as to fit all the songs you have asked for.