Choosing the DJ for your wedding day3

Here are our last pieces of advice that concern choosing the appropriate DJ for your wedding day. We think that these are useful as much as the others are – presented up to this moment. Please take these into consideration and be sure that you won’t fail when it comes to organizing a great ceremony where the music will be an exquisite element.

Ok, we start with another essential thing: see if the DJ is using a microphone without a chord. It will be so unpleasant to trip over the microphone’s chord and make sure that he uses a wireless one, because you and he can move really easily around the room without having a limit or being afraid of tripping.

When it comes to the playlist and the suggestions see if h has played his suggestions in the same order somewhere else. Tell him that you’re expecting for something original and you wouldn’t want to have the same playlist as other weddings he attended and this is a thing that denotes professionalism in the same time- because you will see how interested he is.
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The mis-en-place of the speakers is also important. See exactly how many speakers he’s offering and how does he want to arrange them. Make sure that music will be heard even in the tiniest spot of the salon and that there aren’t any technical problems, because you wouldn’t want that, would you? Also, do a technical search and play music on and on, in order to see whether there are any malfunctions or something like that.

Another problem regards on how much time it takes him to settle in the salon with all his equipment. You wouldn’t want to have some guests arrived and you’re still involved in helping him to arrange his equipment, tell him to be on time and make some calculations in order to be on time when your guests arrive.

Taking care of the food and water for the DJ is essential. He is a human being too, you know? So this means that you have to take care of all the aspects when it comes to making him feel great at your wedding, the things that you place on your guests’ tables should be present on his table as well. Also, it wouldn’t be polite for the guests to see him eat and mix in the same time, but professionals know this thing, don’t they?

The lighting system is also important, because it blends perfectly with the music sometimes and you may ask yourself if he brings these features as well. We don’t know for sure because there are DJs and DJs: some like to have special lighting effects and some don’t take this aspect into consideration, the best thing is for you to talk with him and you avoid any problems….

After you make sure of all the things mentioned up to this moment you can sign a contract with him if you decide on a fixed price and you can include there all the contracts.