Wedding songs

As we mentioned so many times before the music is very important when it comes to a successful wedding and you definitely have to agree with us! Ok, so we’ve been suggesting you some titles and names that probably caught your interest from the first moment. We’re back with this topic only hoping that you enjoy it and maybe you consider of adding one of these songs in your reception song list; if you don’t add them , be sure that some of these are between them – they are classic!

So, here are some suggestions of ours and hope that you like them! Of course, this time we won’t mention categories and for what types of dances are these appropriate…. We start with a song that has appeared in 1973 and we’re speaking about Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on” or Bette Midler’s “The rose” from 1980.

wedding songs

These are classic songs, but they still confer you goose bumps and especially in your wedding day. We continue our recollection with the well known “Love me tender” from 1956, which of course is Elvis Presley’s hit!
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You’re going to say now that we’ve got only oldies, well it isn’t in this way…. Our top continues with Dido’s “Thank you” released in 1999 and another close one (from the point of view if the period) is Sarah McLachan’s “Building a mystery”.

Our list of wedding songs continues with Extreme’s “More than words”, “It’s only love” from The Beatles, Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”, Barry White’s “You’re the first, the last, my everything”, The Jackson 5 with “I’ll be there”, Sinead O’Conner’s “Nothing compares to you”…. Do these seem enough to you? Well, they shouldn’t be enough, because we’ve got some other interesting examples and suggestions that would be ideal as wedding songs.

If you’re a united couple, then you definitely have to feel matching with the couple Sonny & Cher and their ultra popular song “I got you babe”, or Chris Isaak’s ultra sexy song “Wicked game”, Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful tonight” (1978). Another great suggestion would be George Michael’s “I want you to want me”, or “Superstar” or even “Careless whisper” from The Carpenters.

We hope that you love what we’ve suggested here and we’re sure that between all these suggestions of wedding songs, is your favorite tune too! if it isn’t, well, we’ve got some last suggestions up to this moment: “I will always love you”( Whitney Houston), Endless love( Diana Ross & Lionel Richie), I would die for you( Prince), Always( Atlantic Starr) or Janet Jackson’s “That’s the way love goes”. So, we promise that our suggestions don’t end here and that you’re going to have where to choose from, be sure of that!