The DJ in a wedding 2

We’re back with the topic that concerns the DJ and we’re certain that you’re going to read all these hints concerning him or her, because the music is the main thing when it comes to the atmosphere and a successful wedding.

Besides the things that we’ve been mentioning in the previous article there are some other ones that you definitely need to know about and we’re certain that you’re going to feel really glad to read about these, because they’re really useful when it comes to organizing the entire event.

So, you need to give the DJ some indications and he needs to listen to them really attentively in order for you to end up with a really successful ceremony.

the DJ in a wedding 2

He needs to know if receiving the guests will be done inside or outside the salon, also there are some well delimited moments like the surprises you have to offer your friends as well as the toasts and stuff like that. if you wan to announce your coming to the party, make sure that he does it in a proper manner and with the necessary fast.
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He also needs to know the average age of the guests attending your wedding and their nationality in order to play music accordingly to what they listen. Another thing that the DJ needs to know is exactly how many men and women are going to attend your party.

The DJ’s lights and instruments need a lot of wires and sockets, so you have to find a place in the salon where the DJ can get all his instruments working properly and not only and make sure that you place him in front of the dance floor. He or she needs his or her instruments deposited in a certain place and that’s why we would like to remind you that there has to be a special place in which you can store these carefully.

The DJ will always come sooner than your guests and he will leave somewhere near 4 or 5 o’clock. He or she needs a lot of space for all his instruments and that’s why we recommend you about 6 square meters. Another thing that you definitely have to take into account: don’t let him speak too much at the microphone because the guests may get annoyed or bored and you wouldn’t want that. Also, accidents can happen and for this matter you have to hire an electrician in case accidents happen. Don’t hire a DJ that doesn’t have the proper instruments and this is in case also the restaurant all the ball room have already sound systems.

After paying the advance you have to sign the contract and the standard is for an initial pay for about 50% from the total sum.