Most common traditional wedding songs

We all know that there are a few traditional wedding songs that are able to touch everyone’s heart, and that is why they are so commonly used in wedding ceremonies and parties. The songs with which you can never go wrong are, of course, the classics, but – before choosing your own – analyze the lyrics carefully and settle upon the one that describes your love story best.
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For the wedding ceremony many couples of the 2012 surprisingly still prefer Ave Maria composed by Franz Schubert. It is something magical about this song that even today manages to capture the solemnity and importance of a ceremony that is meant to unite two souls forever.

The Beatles never get old, though, and their love ballade And I Love her is still considered a suitable traditional wedding song. Indeed it speaks about an endless love and since you have decided to make the big step, then this is what you must feel, so, you can have it played during your wedding ceremony without any fear.

Can’t Help Falling In Love. You can also choose to have it played only instrumental, for a plus of romance, but if you are a big fan of this Elvis classic have the band sing the lyrics as well; it will not be out of place even if you sing along, either.

The Carpenters have probably not even imagined that their We’ve Only Just Begun will be one of the most common songs played at wedding even decades from its recording. And it is so for a reason. The lyrics are very deep and honest representing a good constant reminder of the values and purposes of a marriage for the couple.

However, if you have no precise preference you can anytime let the church band sing whatever it is they think it is more appropriate and they are good at. It is very likely that they will choose classics written by Antonio Vivaldi or Andrea Bocelli, but if this is the kind of music you had in mind from the beginning, you might as well let the professionals do their job while you could mind other wedding related business. Whichever the case, we are quite sure that your traditional wedding song will create a touching moment that might make some of your guests shed a tear or two.