Wedding songs suggestions to take into consideration

The wedding songs that you apply for should totally represent you in a way or another and you have to make sure that they’re appropriate for the people attending your party. Not only do you have to make people feel comfortable with what they are hearing, but in the same time you have to use the wedding songs in such a manner as to entertain people and make them feel comfortable and feel like dancing. So, you have to make sure that every song that you use for a particular moment in the wedding reception or wedding ceremony fits those minutes perfectly.
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We are not going to talk about the moments in the wedding reception in a particular manner, we are going to make sure that those flashes in the event are going to be covered with the appropriate types of songs.

For instance, the moment in which the bride tosses the bouquet….

Have you ever thought of a particular song that you would like to play for that moment? Another idea that we want to emphasize is that concerning the style. If there are all kinds of ages invited at your wedding reception, then make sure that you create a mixture of wedding songs and for all ages and people.

wedding songs suggestions to take into considerationCredit
Wedding song suggestions to take into consideration

The moment of tossing the bouquet would be greatly emphasized with songs like Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a ring on it). This song is really popular in our days and it’s really modern, but done in such a manner as all the people to enjoy it, no matter what age they are.

Besides the song already mentioned we were thinking of another great song to mark the moment of tossing the bouquet, such as: Matt Costa’s Miss magnolia or Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T.(Pretty young thing).

The moment of cutting the cake is like a stop for the entire wedding reception, it’s something that indicates that the ceremony is about to end. We were thinking that it would be a great to share some suggestions with you indicating wedding songs that would be appropriate for such a moment.

If you’re more into oldies and you have a more traditional taste or a wedding reception with such a profile, then we were thinking about The Rolling Stones’ song Brown sugar that would really be appropriate for those more romantic and into oldies. Some other suggestions for wedding songs that are appropriate for the moment of cutting the cake are Acid House Kings’ Tonight is forever or Christina Aguilera’s Candy man. This last song ought to bring a positive vibe to your special moment and we wouldn’t wonder if your wedding guests will start to dance.

The reception entrance moment can be marked with both oldies songs and some new, it depends on the style of your event, remember? Well, we were thinking of a modern option for the wedding song with which you can start your event and we’re speaking about Natasha Bedingfield’s Love like this; the oldie option that we would like to offer to you is Steve Miller band’s Rock’n me.

As for the dances, these have to be paid extreme attention, because you want all the time to make sure that the wedding songs you have applied for will totally characterize the mood you are having and the type of person you are. For instance, we have observed in many wedding receptions, at the beginning for the first song the couples applying for Jason Mraz’s I’m yours.

The first dance between the bride and groom isn’t the only special moment in the wedding reception, there are other dances that need a special song and among these, we were thinking of the father-daughter dance that needs a special song. What would seem more appropriate to you than Loudon Wainwright III’s Daughter song or Billy Joel’s Just the way you are.

The mother-son dance is another special moment in the wedding reception and of course, it needs a special song. So, how about we offer you our suggestions? We were thinking of Tom Petty’s Learning to fly or Sarah McLahlan’s Blackbird.

The last dance moment should not be omitted as well. For it, you need an appropriate song that has to be really entertaining and should make the wedding guests dance with pleasure. So, we were thinking of songs like Lady Gaga’s Just dance tune, it’s really popular and we are sure that you are going to move the wedding attendants with it.

As for the religious ceremony, it also needs an appropriate song, don’t you consider so? Well, a great song for covering this special part of the bridal day would definitely be Alicia Keys’ No one song.