Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

A wedding ceremony is a solemn event, charged with a lot of love and faith and it requires to be accompanied by traditional wedding ceremony songs. You cannot have modern songs as the soundtrack to your ceremony; no matter how big of a fan of them you are, you must keep them for the wedding party.

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The wedding ceremony imposes a certain decency and morality, especially if you intend to hold it in a church or any other place of high religious importance. If you are a very religious couple yourself it will not be hard for you to understand that ceremonies blend wonderfully with tradition, and tradition requires a certain type of music.

But, as even for the most acquainted of us would be hard to choose, you might need a few suggestions to analyze and consider. As you probably well know already, a ceremony is composed of several parts and there are a few key moments that require a well chosen musical piece.

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony SongsCredit
Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Prelude

Classical music is preferred for the prelude. As it might take a few good minutes for the guests to gather more than one song will be played. A common and appropriate song for this moment is ‘Ave Maria’, by Schubert, but Vivaldi’s ‘L’Inverno’ and Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune’ can also be played and your choices will surely be praised.

The Processional

The sitting of the guests, the appearance of the pastor and the entrance of the bridesmaids and groomsmen has to be accompanied by music, as well. In this sense we recommend Bach’s ‘Arioso’ (for the sitting), Handel’s ‘March’ and/or Purcell’s ‘Trumpet Tune’.

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony SongsCredit
Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Entrance of the Bride

Her entrance is probably the most important moment of the entire ceremony and it must be marked accordingly. Therefore, a good musical selection would be ‘The Bridal Chorus’, by Wagner and ‘Canon in D’, by Pachelbel.

The Recession

As you now walk down the aisle happily married you will have to be accompanied by music that expresses your feelings of joy and love. As such, we suggest you opt for ‘The Wedding March’ –Mendelssohn’s composition or for Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’.

If you happen to know any other songs of the kind that you think would beautifully mark your ceremony feel free to discuss it with the pastor. Whatever you do needs to have his approval as he is the one who will unite you into holy matrimony.