Things to know about the wedding songs

The wedding songs that are chosen for the bridal day should totally be you, as the colors and the flowers used in the rest of the reception are. This is why you have to think of every little detail whenever it comes to the big day and in the same time paying attention to the wedding music. Which means that the wedding music shouldn’t be left between the last details…. Sincerely, this is another aspect that should be taken into account for the big day that is essential and it can determine the success of the party. This is why you have to pay attention whenever a song is played, whether or not your guests are having fun with what they are hearing.
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The wedding reception music is essential, because depending on it the guests will have fun or not. After saying “yes, I do” you can start and get relaxed, the only thing remaining is to dance. It isn’t the case of getting too relaxed, because you are only in the half part of the road. The most popular choices for the wedding reception are the wedding band that relies on their guitar and this means that you can dare for rock songs that will make your wedding guests stand up and dance. A classic playlist would include songs that are signed Stevie Wonder, The Beatles or Coldplay.

things to know about the wedding songsCredit
Things to know about the wedding songs

And speaking about guests getting of from their tables, you have to think seriously of what songs to apply for when it comes to making your guests dance. This means that you have to have a serious discussion with the members of the band or the DJ in the orchestra. You have to actively involve in their pick, so that you do not have any unpleasant picks in the end.

Continuing with the songs for the wedding reception, the ones that make your guests dance. Between the tables and on the dance floor – there are lots of places in which the guests can dance, but they cannot do it if they don’t feel inspired of your picks. This is why you have to include songs that make them move. You can include songs that have more of a “disco” air, which are really popular in our days as well: Raining men, Don’t feel like dancing or Dancing Queen. These are songs that make them smile a lot, they will have tones of fun while they are dancing on them.

Let’s continue with offering you some pieces of advice that relate to the first dance, shall we?

You have to know that the first dance usually consists of a lent walz. But if you feel confident and sure on your power, pick to transform it in a true musical show blended with dance of course. The song on which you are going to dance should have a special meaning to both of you, so think seriously of a title that makes the two of you smile and brings good memories in your mind.

The wedding band or DJ is important in a wedding reception, depending on them, the guests are going to have fun or not. Of course, you can involve too and ask them to play certain songs, which you would like to hear pretty much in the big day. Picking the DJ or the wedding orchestra can prove to be a difficult thing. Each one of these has their pluses and minuses and it’s important to know that probably a band would end up being more expensive than a DJ is. But no matter on which of these you opt for, do not forget that you have to be the one who establishes the songs that are going to be played in your own wedding reception.

The music in the wedding ceremony is important as well

It’s not an unusual thing to have a song on the background of the wedding ceremony in our days, it depends on the religion you have, because in some churches it has to be complete silence so that the priest can be heard with attention.

For those who really want to feel emotions and a great vibe, they can play a song on the background, besides the classic Wagner song that is called the wedding march. There are other songs that can be put, besides this one already mentioned, a contemporary tune by Louis Armstrong or even Celine Dion.

So, even if you are preoccupied too much on picking the bridal gown, the wedding favors, flowers or the location, music should not be left between the last elements to be chosen in the bridal day – you have to make sure that you choose it in an appropriate manner.