The Importance of the Wedding Music

The wedding is an important social event, associated usually with a big social reunion. According to the financial and social status of the young couple, these reunions might have even a political aspect, especially in the royal class. Weddings have been organised not only in higher social classes among the history – poor and rich people got married as well. Everyone wanted something special, something to make this great change in their lives happier.

The music played during the different parts of the wedding ceremony had always a great importance in assuring a nice, joyful and elegant background for the wedding. Flowers and music are playing usually the major part in the background decoration. So looking at a fresh, beautiful floral scheme, listening to touching, soft music during the wedding ceremony helps us to appreciate these unique moments of happiness and joy, to feel the solemnity of the day of wedding.

The Importance of the Wedding Music

You probably might think that wedding music has been performed in every wedding ceremony in the past. Is it possible a wedding without music? Well, you have right, music played an important role in the history at every social reunion, at every social, political and even religious ritual, even if it was generally not permitted before the mid-nineteenth century.
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This date is important for example in the history of the Wedding March. You probebly heard the tunes of A Midsummer Nights` Dream, a famous music piece from Mendelssohn. Music helps us to focus upon the spiritual and emotional happenings of the event, it helps us to set our emotions free, to feel the solemnity of the familial or social moment. So the wedding music is to be found in every culture, every civilization and every historical era, and it can be vocal or instrumental. Civil or church ceremonies are usually assisted by musicians or DJ-s with the duty of assuring the music background of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding music may be from different styles and melodies. People use a lot of musical effects and individual songs to express the importance of that particular ceremony part – so we got here a few strange expressions like interlude music, prelude music, processional music, recessional music, wedding reception or wedding party music and a lot of songs, each of them named after their role played in that particular ceremony part.

The young couple follows actually a long ceremony ritual with different stations and activities connected to the legalisation of the matrimonial union. The young couple is pronounced husband and wife after a long procedure meant to assure the legality of their union. The different music pieces are choosen according to the next step to be followed during this ritual, these songs actually are announcing the next ceremony part. So we might talk here about bridal march songs, bouquet toss songs, wedding dinner songs, cake cutting songs, dollar dance songs, last dance songs and other music pieces named after the special custom and tradition followed in the wedding ceremony. These customs and traditions may be different in every culture, in every religion, but all of them are usually assisted by well prepared and performed music accompaniment. Unescorted ceremony parts are rarely to find.

So, as a wedding is a spectacular occasion for the family, for the friends, business partners or even political participants of the society. The wedding music sets the general mude and tone of the ceremony or reception, expressing a lot of feelings or even different informations about the social and financial, religious or political background of the contracted marriage.

The performed songs may reveal a lot of information about the taste, the personality, the world-wiew and the cultural-spiritual education of the young couple. They usually choose the songs of the wedding together with the family members or hire a talented music band or DJ for this occasion. Famous hits or well known classical or other music pieces are popular for modern weddings.

Internet may give you a lot of ideas and tricks how to prepare your wedding. You may find lists of famous wedding songs, but also a lot of music bands and DJ-s offering a wide variety of wedding songs. Feel free to enjoy your own wedding!