Can a wedding guest wear cream colored dress?

I recently bought a dress to wear to a wedding at the end of this month. I tried my hardest to find a simple black dress as I’ve heard its the best color to wear, but was unsuccessful. I ended up buying a simple cream-colored dress with a gold brooch. Ive been reading online and people say not to wear white because it will contrast with the bride. My question is, is my cream dress going to be acceptable??? Like I said, its pretty simple: It’s layered, with a silk-like layer underneath and a mesh-like material over it, it goes slightly past my knees, is not strapless, and is not low cut. Im beginning to second guess my choice and I need reassurance!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Fretting,

No more hand-wringing. You are fine. The rule about white is just about history. We just wouldn’t want to wear a white dress that could be a wedding dress. Actually, the only color we should stay away from these days is red. Red is a powerful color that draws the eyes.

Enjoy the dress!

Best wishes,