Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Favors

A Medieval/ Renaissance-themed wedding may be one of the greatest excuses for a good time your guests will ever know. When else can you bring in jugglers and harpists, put your mother in a headpiece and draft your father as the “town crier”? Favors for this gala event are fairly easy to come by (or make), and often inexpensive. Here are several ideas:

Anything in a Velvet Pouch

The velvet pouch is the world’s most satisfying sewing project. If you can cut a square, you can make a beautiful, authentic-looking pouch in about five minutes. Dress it up with tassels, or dress it down with a simple drawstring. Or if you’d rather, buy velvet pouches inexpensively on eBay. Fill each pouch with any kind of goody that appeals to you. Common choices are:

  • chocolate foil-covered wedding coins
  • reproduction coins (these are very cute) from specialty companies
  • rolled-up scrolls thanking the guests, perhaps including a quote or a poem, and tied with a ribbon
  • medieval-looking charms

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Honey Jars from the Lady of the Manor

Buy a large quantity of good, rich honey (or honeycombs) from your local health food store or beekeeper. Pour into small glass hexagonal jars. (Specialty Bottle is an affordable source …) Print out custom labels and affix. For extra flair, top off the jar with small silk roses, or tuck it all in tulle bag and tie
it with ribbon. Include a silly sayingTwo Shall Bee as One. Meant to Bee. This favor has an authentic medieval feel!

Plantable Seed Cards

These beautiful cards (made of homemade paper) contain living wildflower seeds. You can purchase them inexpensively, or make them yourself for virtually nothing (try here for a simple and fun paper recipe. You can add all kinds of imaginative things to your homemade paper, including flower petals! The trick for this project to add flower seeds at the last minute, so they don’t get too wet). Once dry, cut your paper into pretty shapes. Use specialty scissors that cut scalloped edges, for example. Seed cards can double as place-holders, and can be made even more beautiful with a little calligraphy.

Celtic Soap or Molded Chocolates

Molds can be found in stores like Joanne’s or Michaels (do your budget a favor — look for the 40% off coupons at Michaels that appear in the paper), or online at GetSuckered, and the results are stunning. Tuck the resultant beauties into small velvet bags.

Herbal Bags or Sachets

This inexpensive favor has a luxurious feel. Choose an herb that suits your wedding (Rosemary “for remembrance” is a solid choice, but the options are endles — and lavender is associated with important dreams, like those about your future husband). Buy it in bulk at a local warehouse or buy online (MountainRoseHerbs has an abundance of certified-organic herbs, with quantity discounts). Tie up in tulle or organza, and include a note about the herb and
its history and meaning.

A variation on the theme: the herbs-and-recipe favor. Pick out a recipe for a crowd-pleasing medieval treat (such as mulled wine, gingerbread or spice
cake). Wrap up the appropriate spices and attach the recipe.

Medieval Springerle Cookies

This authentic and gorgeous treat can be made with medieval springerle cookie molds. You can paint the results or adorn them with gold leaf. Your guests will rave about them for months after.

Books of Love Poems

And finally, compilations of poetic classics, many from Ye Olde England, can sometimes be found for $2 apiece or less. Check online or at your local bookseller’s next clearance sale!