Bridal shower memory game


I’m planning a shower for my sister-in-law (I’m a bridesmaid) and I’d like to do the Memory Game.

The problem is, I can’t find a good list of items to include! They have to be small household items that I can fit onto a tray to show everybody. So far I’ve got a pen, coin, spoon & tea bag. I’m stuck!! [crazy]

If anyone knows of a good list (or is talented at making lists) I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help!

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I’ve never heard of this game. Can you offer more information about it so we can help?

Here is a list of bridal shower sites, themes and ideas that might help.

Looking forward to your answer.



Well, the memory game is where you place several small household items on a tray, and let all the guests look at it for 1 minute or so. Then, you take the tray away, and the guests must write down all the items they can remember that were on the tray.

I’m just having trouble thinking up some little items from around the house I can throw on the tray. [:)]

Thanks so much!

Nancy Tucker

How about a clothespin, rubber band, nail file, safety pin, paperclip, bag clip, granola bar, belt buckle, just to mention a few. Just look around your house and you can find many things. I believe the # of items should be 10 to 12. The object is to see who remembers the most items.


Thanks Nancy!

I’ve compiled a list now, thanks to you and Yahoo answers [:)]

Here it is:

pen, coin, spoon, teabag, cd, key, magnet, piece of candy, dental floss, battery, rubber band, button, screw, matchbook, bag clip, gift card, safety pin, paperclip, nail file, granola bar

There’s 20 items there, just to make sure no one will remember EVERYTHING. [:)]

Thanks again for your help!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Well, you want someone to win, don’t you? [:)]

Those are great items and sounds like a fun game. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the shower.

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At my niece’s wedding shower the ladies had a short clothes line set up across the corner of the room with 30 wooden clothes pins. Whoever could unclip the most clothes pins using only one hand won the game. You had to hold the ones you unclipped while still trying to unclip the next one with the same hand. Not an easy task!

It was hilarious and amazing to see how many a person could hold onto while trying to win.