who is actually considered part of wedding party?

Future mother-in-law keeps insisting in various ways that my fiance and I have to include her neice (as she is the only one in the family) in the wedding–initially, she was offended that I had not asked her to be a bridesmaid; we thought we had fixed the problem when we asked her to man the guest registry….hence, creating a whole new issue–MOG insists now, that guest registrar is formally announced at the reception when the bridal party is introduced AND insists that she be included in the transportation from church to reception!! PLEASE HELP ME…if I am wrong, I am wrong and I can accept that and move on–but is she being a little pushy about it????? I am 33 years old, my 3 attendants are 33 years old–registrar is 18–don’t want her riding with me and my girls to the church nor to the reception. I wanted that time to be as special as it can be (it’s going to be crazy, and we probably won’t remember it anyway!) HELP….



Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Tammie – the person in charge of the reception guest book is not considered a member of the bridal party so she would not wear the same atire asd the bridal party, travel in the limo and she will not typically be announced.

Have your groom speak to his mother to let her know what’s what. It’s better coming from him. He can certainly remind his mother that her niece is not “of age” and her presence in the limo would be inappropriate since there may be drinking or other adult behavior. OR – he can lie and say there is no room. [shocked]

Perhaps you can acquiesce and print her name in the wedding program?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I completely agree. Hand this over to your fiance and relax.

If she is still having a problem understanding who shood be in the bridal party or any other aspect of wedding planning, please direct her here or/and give her a wedding etiquette book.