Pink Theme Weddings

Ah, pink. Some say a woman’s life-long love for pink is biological. Others say it’s nothing more than sweet free will. Either way, for many brides, a wedding isn’t the lifelong dream it should be without a hefty dose of pink. And while the hues we pair with it might change from year to year, pink at its core … which says young love, playfulness and fresh-faced romance … sends the same beloved message across the ages.

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Still, even pink isn’t immune to the forces that, over time, make weddings ever-more personal statements of our own individual design sensibilities … and love stories.

So while some pink weddings hark back to fairy tales from once-upon-a-time, others are practically punk-rock (you won’t see yards of tulle at your typical pink and black wedding). And then there are the unexpected pinks: the ethereal pink and silver, for example, that warm up a modern winter wonderland wedding.

In fact, while pink might not exactly be the new black, it might actually be the new ‘neutral’ — cozying up gorgeously with all kinds of colors, creating looks that range from demure to drama queen.


Pink on Pink, or Pink on White

This bride might have pink winking out from her engagement ring in the form of pink sapphires, or even a JLo style pink diamond. The shoes might be oh-so-traditional bridal sandals, but sporting a perky bow and a tiny diamante stone — and we’ll take bets that she’s tracked down a pink satin garter for that leggy moment on the chair. This bride often loves the classic take on love, with plenty of pale pink rose petals to blanket the aisle. Bridesmaids’ attire will probably be on soft side, with lovely sparkling brooches.

Her gown? All girl, possibly with elaborate lace overlays or a full ruched skirt. And the hair? We’re guessing a half-up/half-down romantic tumble of locks.

Nothing’s too feminine for this color scheme, so get out the pink marabou feathers for your chair backs, centerpiece vases or flower girls, go wild with the fluffiest pink poenies your florist can rustle up, wrap everything you can in romantic pink satin ribbons (bouquet stems, waists, pew cones) and don’t forget some popular spins on ultra-pink: like the cherry blossom wedding. Want more of a garden look? Carry oversized bunches of bright pink tulips.


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Pink and Black

This bride often leans toward bold graphic patterns (no fussy invites here!) … and bold satin sashes. The bridesmaids’ will probably be brightly attired, and you probably won’t find her carrying a tight Cinderella posey of pastel roses, but something a little more fiery: hot pink cymbidium orchids, say, or a bouquet of Asiatic lilies. Pink anemones are eye-catching blooms, too, with their wild black centers.

Chances are, this bride’s gown will belong to the Vera Wang school of slicked-down designs, and you might find some bright spots of color peeking out from under her gown: gorgeous bridal slingbacks in black or pink. Tabletop florals might be acid-bright clumps of chrysanthemums in a pavée design, or hydrangeas tipped to a deep and assertive hue. The perfect floor: a glossy black and white checkerboard pattern. (Note: black and pink brides might want to see The New Black & White Wedding.)

As for the cake? Black deco dots on a bright white canvas, or clean satin ribbons wrapped around the layers. And don’t forget the bright pink signature drink: any take on Cosmos is bound to please.

A lovely spin on the pink and black look is a touch of toile: pink toile stationery topped with sleek black ribbons, or black toile table linens set off with hot pink satin napkins. Also, pink and black candy buffets serve up a sweet taste … and a distinctively spunky look.


More: Find Nautical Themed Favors6 Pretty Wedding Themes That Work | A Pink & Green Wedding

More Ultra-Popular Pink Schemes

Pink and Green

Miami Spice. Deliciously Deco. Perfectly Preppy. Or just a natural choice for your spring or summer garden theme.

Picture your bridesmaids in mint green ruffled gowns, carrying sleek bouquets of pink and white mini callas. A snowstorm of pink petals on pale green linens: gorgeous. It’s no wonder that that wonder that’s pink and green is just starting to rev all the way up, with more brides finding themselves fans by the month.


Pink and Orange

Depending on where you live, pink and orange (and all its cousins, like orange and fuchsia) might be practically classic, or delightfully daring. Pink and orange says “no fuss, no frills,” and it’s all about whimsy, color and clean lines. Pink and orange brides have cooked up all kinds of designs, but a Gerber daisy theme’s among the most popular.

Pink and Brown

A less punky cousin of pink and black, this scheme combines two top-dog colors in today’s wedding palette with gorgeous results. This is a hipster theme, calling for sassy stationery, big satin bows and grosgrain ribbons, funky polka dots or even modern paisleys.

And your flowers might be something a little left-of-center, too, like flaming pink orchids or Gerbers and bamboo. Somewhere in the process, pink and brown brides often find themselves a little torn between pink + brown or pink + aqua.

Over to You

Tell us all about your pink-theme wedding. What inspired you? Tell all about the flowers, the gowns, the tables.