Wedding guest attire for formal garden wedding mid afternoon.

The wedding invitation states dress code as Formal. The wedding is 3.45pm in a garden setting. It is going to be cold and could be windy. Then the reception is in a formal reception centre (at the same venue) at 6pm. I don’t know what to wear. Male: Dark lounge suit/tie but what do I wear. I’m thinking I may wear a crepe 3/4 length burgundy suit with a soft/flowing cream shirt (evening type) under the jacket with wedge heels (for the grass) and could change them for inside. I have a wool coat if it is really cold (which it is forecast to be) Or do I take the evening gown and change somewhere and he take the dinner suit and change? (Australia)

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Here, in the US, wedding invitations don’t usually state the attire unless it is black or white tie.

Garden weddings aren’t usually formal and an afternoon wedding isn’t usually formal, so I can see why you’re confused. However, I think you’ve made a good choice with your 3/4 length skirt and jacket. You could buy a more formal top to change into for the evening. Usually beaded and bling is reserved for that time of day, so maybe choose something a little more fancy for the top to dress up the outfit.

Have fun!

Gena Conti, Owner, Designer, Milliner at Gena Conti Millinery

I like your idea about a coat since the forecast is for chilly weather. The coat may solve ALL your concerns, except for the shoes, which are easily changed for the indoor evening reception.

If you plan a dressier style coat (even light weight) to wear to the wedding ceremony, your ensemble for the evening reception will be “under wraps.”

A 3/4 length skirt/dress is perfectly fine for “formal attire” reception providing it is “fancy/dressy” / elegant. Formal does not limit you to a full length gown. I also like the moderator’s suggestion for a beaded/fancy top with the 3/4 skirt. Classically elegant.

Once inside, remove coat and change shoes… Voila!
Simply elegant and stress free.

Taylor Eisenberger, Owner, Designer at Taylored for You Bridal Boutique

Hi there! I agree with the previous posts regarding the 3/4 length skirt. Sounds great and the color sounds fabulous!! I like the idea of changing the shoes and having a jacket for just in case the weather is a bit chilly.

Best of luck to you!