Traditional and original wedding photos

Nowadays the wedding photo album isn’t just a bunch of pictures that are brought together in a cardboard book covered with plastic. We’re speaking about elaborate and artistic pictures, which are placed on a CD/DVD and are printed as well, but in a gorgeous manner. Of course, between these bunches of pictures you will observe some of the classic ones that are all about normal shots, maybe traditional in which all the people attending the wedding are gathered in a group, having the bride and groom central pieces.
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We have thought pretty much of what types of photos should a wedding photo album contain and this is the result we have ended with and of course, it’s a random list!

We were thinking that it would be a great idea to take pictures of the tables in the wedding reception venue. Especially if we’re speaking about an open air wedding, the idea of taking some pictures in this spot seems to us really great and nice – mostly in the case in which you have applied for arrangements that are great looking and lots of colors.

Of course, the wedding photographer will not be able to picture only the tables, but also the guests sitting there at the wedding reception. It’s a classic idea, but really fancy in the same time.

Another idea would be to add some artistic shots to your wedding photo album, such as a pair of shoes that hang on a fence, or the bridal bouquet placed “lonely” in a corner of Mother Nature….

traditional and original wedding photosCredit
Traditional and original wedding photos

The children attending your wedding reception should also have a special photography, especially the flower girl and the little one that is next to the best man. So, take the two of them (as the photographer and the host) and ask them for a separate photo that ought to be placed in the wedding photo album as well.

We know just how important the wedding cake is, so before it gets devoured by your guests ensure that you have placed it in a special light and you take a picture of it. In this way it will remain memorable, don’t you think so?

We were mentioning something about the bridal bouquets, the wedding flower arrangements should be immortalized in general, and at least this is how we see things. So, you are able to catch marvelous colors in the wedding photo album if the bridesmaids have different colored wedding flowers or the arrangements in the wedding reception salon are realized of multiple colors.

The religious ceremony has also an important part in the wedding photo album, because it has to be immortalized in the bunch of pictures as well. We were thinking that the photographer can take a shot from the entrance, an overall picture that is!

The famous picture in which the two of you hold each other, well, you can change it with a really intense kiss, a shot taken really close and which will look great as the cover of your wedding photo album – but there can be other shots that you can use as well.

Sometimes it takes a kooky picture to change the imagery of your entire wedding photo album. What can you do for this matter? Well, certainly you need to take into account a landscape or an activity that you usually wouldn’t see done in the bridal day, such as playing golf – taking pictures while the bride and groom play golf.

Also, a great suggestion to make the wedding photo album complete, from our perspective is to place some shots of the wedding invitations that you have taken into account, as well as the wedding favors disposed on the table.

For some, it may sound outrageous to take shots of the tiniest details in a wedding reception or in a wedding in general, but such details are the ones that make the difference sometimes and especially if we’re speaking about a wedding photo album.

A shot done separately to the men involved in the wedding and we’re referring to the best man/men, as well as the “best” girls, which means the bridesmaids or the maid of honor. Of course, there can be realized two different shots.

And speaking about the bridesmaids, how about asking them before they put on the dresses to let you take a picture of the bridesmaid dress pieces, without being worn, maybe hanged on the branch of a tree and so on….

All these ideas will offer you a wedding photo album that ought to remain in the collective memory for a while due to its originality, but in the same time due to the shots which are part of the classic canon of wedding photos in the bridal day and not only.