Garden wedding

4 tips for outdoor weddings

Because you love nature you have decided to organize an outdoor wedding ceremony that will allow you, your friends and relatives to have a great time and to enjoy the warm temperature. However, there are a few tips you should take into consideration before everything is done, in order not to have bad surprises.

First of all, always have a backup plan when organizing something like this. As much as you would like to predict and to master the weather, this is impossible, so have a second wedding location in mind, just in case it might rain.

A trick very popular for outdoor weddings is to have a tent installed in your garden or on the beach, so that you will have a place to hide, in case things might not work as planned.

Because you don’t want your heels to sink in the ground, during the day wedding ceremony, you should prepare something to stand on, for you and your bridesmaids. A piece of concrete will be just fine. So, make sure that will avoid something so unpleasant, by arranging a proper space for the ceremony.

Make sure that your wedding music band will rock, because during the night it might get chilly. But, if your musicians will be able to keep your wedding guests on the dance floor, then no one will suffer from cold temperature. Also, provide hot beverages to your guests, because these play an important role, too in keeping them from getting cold.

Also, keep in mind that since you will have an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is important to have a great view that may be captured in your wedding pictures. If your garden does not have much of a view, then have there only the day wedding ceremony. As for the reception, you would better pick a gorgeous place with a magnificent view.

But, if you are planning on saving money, by having the whole wedding at your house, then you would better decorate your back garden in a one of a kind manner. Place flowers here and there, bring nice tables and seats or install a big flat screen where you may have pictures of the two of you played, and so on.

In short, these are some tips you may use when planning your outdoor wedding ceremony. So, feel free to get inspired from us and to implement some of our suggestions and ideas.