Family at a small wedding

The right wedding venue for a small ceremony

Small weddings are: simple, quiet, stress free and they don’t require lots of money. In other words they are exactly what you need, in case you don’t want to make a big fuss, due to the occasion of your marriage. Is not like you would be ashamed of getting married, not al all, you just want to be more discreet and mysterious.

However, no matter how small your wedding could be, it shouldn’t be understood to mean that the appropriate wedding venue does not represent a great concern. On the contrary, your will have to do your best and find something suitable for this small reunion. But, maybe we should tell how these weddings proceed, in order to see why it is important to have the right wedding location.

First of all there is the wedding ceremony, where a “person invested with power” will officiate your union. This part is extremely important and it shouldn’t be missing from any wedding. After this part, you and your guests should go to your wedding venue and there you must celebrate your union.

As a result, given the fact that your reception will be small, you may book a table at a fancy restaurant, for you and your friends. In this way it will be something intimate and discreet that you all are going to enjoy.

On the other hand, we believe that it would be equally appropriate if you would have this party at your place. As for the food, you could hire a catering staff that will certainly take care of all details. The great thing about having the reception at your house is the fact that you may invite whomever you want, because the number of persons is not limited, as in the case of the wedding restaurants.

But, having your wedding outdoor, on a beach under a tent would be something beautiful and comfortable, especially on the hot days of summer. You may enjoy the breeze, the great company of your friends and a great view. Anyway, if this isn’t something you have envisioned for your wedding, then it would be best if your reception would be held indoors.

So, even if you will celebrate your ceremony, at a restaurant, at a hotel or outdoors, you should do your best and make sure that everything will be fantastic, because although it is a small ceremony, you will still have to plan a flawless reception.