Candelabras with flowers for wedding decorations

My catering hall gives candelabras to put in the center of each table. They suggest putting the centerpiece around the candelabra like a ring formation. The wedding is at night so I thought candlelight would look pretty. But I saw a sample yesterday of the flowers around a substitute candelabra and the flowers looked kind of skimpy. It has been difficult to make a centerpiece to go around the base of the candelabra; should I just nix the candelabra idea and get a high, gorgeous centerpiece? I feel like no matter what the low one looks like, when people walk in they aren’t going to be like WOW, like they might for taller centerpieces.

Help please. I am driving the florist crazy.

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

I think you need to get one of the candelabras to your florist. If it is a multiple armed candelabra there may be a way to put the flowers up and in the center. There are a few nice ways to do that and that is what I would like you to look into. I can not really see having the flowers around the bottom. Seems off to me too. Ask your florist if they can tape an “iglu” case from oasis to the center and add the flowers up top with the candles around flowers you will not need a really elaborate arrangement. Just plenty of nice drippy greens and flowers with a touch of drama like lilies or callas or some such thing. Alternately, if that just won’t work consider renting something that will but I bet your florist can figure it out if she sees exactly what she is dealing with. We florists are visual people and very good at improvising when the tools are in hand. Stop throwing words at the florist and get together to work it all out. You may need to pay her to make up samples which should be perfectly good with you.

Best of luck and hope this helps!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

Oh …I get it…people MUST see eye level. If these candelabras are really pretty, and I am assuming they are, why not just go with it and do your nicest floral display on an entry or gift table? Maybe consider great linens and napkins and a very classy treatment like a single rose or whatever perfectly tucked into each place setting? It could serve as a favor and table decor and you could have everyone dancing around with roses in their teeth! Maybe petals around the base of the candelabras for a little romance? If the wine and water glasses and silverware etc. are all on the tables that will probably be enough. I always think that whatever you do has to be done with elegance and done really well rather than overloading. Maybe unloading and simplifying is the way. Just a thought.

Good luck and let me know how it’s going…Take care