corsages for bridal shower

what is the proper etiquette for corsages for the bridal shower? the MOH wants everyone throwing the shower (plus mom’s) to have a corsage- 13 in total, including the bride.

I think it should just be the wedding party & bride.(6 total) most of us are watching what we spend. The bride wants to do what is PC and won’t offend anyone- any suggestions?


If anyone is to wear a corsage, it should be only the bride. This optional party really is just for her. Corsages are not necessary to have at bridal showers.

Since this is not the actual wedding, having only the wedding party attendants who will be showing up to wear corsgaes, or only those who are hosting it says to the other guests ‘look how special we are’. Doing so could be offensive to the other guests.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I completely agree. Plus, the mothers should not be involved in the planning or hosting of the shower.