The way you smell can influence your day in a certain manner! If you have a suitable perfume you can feel sexy, self confident or very fresh in that particular day! There are numerous fragrances that can be used and it depends on your tastes!

Young girls prefer usually a fresh fragrance, which smells like fruits or flowers, not too flashy! If you want a good perfume and if you really can afford such a perfume, you can apply for an expensive one that lasts in time and avoid the cheap copies, because these usually don`t persist in time!

More mature ladies prefer a fragrance that makes them feel self confident and sexy! These types of women prefer having a long lasting perfume that “fills” the room when they enter in one!

There are also those women who love some fragrances that seem to highlight their social status as mature women. It is a certain pattern that some segments of women prefer!

If you want to maintain that odor on your skin you can use a moisturizer that smells in the same way with the perfume! Many prefer to use both the cream and the perfume to maintain the smell of the fragrance!

Another thing that you should know is that you can use only the perfumed cream instead of the perfume to create a wonderful smell on your skin! You must know the particular areas where perfume can be placed…. And these areas are: the neck, under the ears and on the hand rib! These zones are specific, because they all have powerful sanguine circulation!

No more to mention! But did you know that when you`re using repeatedly a perfume it simply penetrates your skin and you begin to smell like it even though you don`t use it in that day!? It is a well-known thing that good perfumes have this propriety! The fact that the perfume is used with a moisturizer is more helpful and it`s a wonderful thing that makes your skin smell great!

As mentioned above, don’t be cheap with yourself! Buy a great perfume, with great qualities even though it costs more than an average fragrance! You`ll certainly be successful with this perfume and it will resist in time, maybe a couple of months!

It`s hard to find a suiting perfume! In order to find a suiting perfume, you must try and try different fragrances and finally you have to see what perfume suits you better! There are three typologies regarding perfumes: young ladies prefer the fresh fragrances, ladies prefer to have a perfume that shows their sensuality and sexuality, and mature women love those perfumes that highlight their mature side!

When you finally choose your perfume and fragrance, make sure it fits your personality and your age. Don`t choose a mature fragrance if you`re a young lady, and so on…