Firefighter Theme Weddings

From what I’ve tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.

Robert Frost

Where to start when planning a firefighter wedding? How about the black, red, yellow and brass of firefighter regalia and firetrucks. See if you can marry in the fire hall, ideally with a firetruck as your transportation to the ceremony, or as your getaway car.

Check your local prop shop, who might be able to rent you special items to add zing to your decor. What could be more romantic than strolling down an aisle lined with flower and tulle-draped hydrants? For high drama, walk underneath an arch of pike poles held by the groomsmen (donning full dress blues) after the officiant declares you husband and wife.

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Cake & Cake Toppers

Fortunately, firefighter cake toppers aren’t hard to find. Try JW Caketops or Colorado Carla.

As for the cake itself, your choices are endless. Gorgeous possibilities: a red velvet cake hidden in demure white icing. Or consider a sleek white cake with crisp bands of red satin ribbon, or a cake topped with orange/rust calla liles. Want a more whimsical approach? We’ve seen a traditional white cake topped by a traditional white bride, with a ladder leading down the cake to the fire truck in front. As for the groom’s cake, popular choices include fire trucks, helmets, badges, dalmations and the Maltese Cross.


Setting the Scene

Many firehalls are built with gorgeous neo-classical flair. If yours is, bring the feel to your reception hall by renting grand fluted pillars for the corners of the room. Look for table linens with a reflective quality. Shimmering yellow fabric on white linen is luxurious. Go whimsical by edging one or two table coverings in reflective tape.

A few types of flowers seem tailor-made for this event: roses, and callas. Both come in fire-tinged shades, starting with yellow or orange and reddening at the tips. Tie bunches of these with tulle swags for gorgeous pews, then tie off the center aisle with caution tape.

For placecards, look for firefighter-related ornaments (hydrants, dalmations, Maltese Crosses or buy Matchbox-style fire trucks. Wrap attractive copper or silver wire around the middle of the ornament, then bring up and form into a simple coil to create your own placecard holders.

Sew or glue firefighter charms to your ringbearer pillow, candles, ribbons, guest book, cake serving set, and bridal bag. Borrow a friend’s Dalmation and draft him into service. Or if you want to stick with the two-footed type, give him a pillow with a Maltese emblem or firefighter charm. Alternative: have two more ringbearers walk up the aisle with torchlights.

Lean aerial ladders against the walls, and link them together with dramatic swags of tulle. Use a shiny pair of firefighter boots as a “wishing well” or a floral vase for your guestbook table. Spice up the afterparty (and picture ops) by slipping on a shorter, saucy dress — at at least for a few minutes, a firefighter helmet with a veil.

The Spice of Life

Want to add some zip to your dinner? Try hot dogs with five-alarm chili, habanero sauce, firehouse stew, flame-broiled steaks or chicken, Autumnal Fire beer. Or go for the traditional fare but serve eye-catching signature drinks like red apple martinis (apple vodka, apple juice and grenadine syrup).

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Sizzling Ideas for Favors

Favors for this one are simple — and cute. Start with a crisp favor box you’ll tie off with a contrasting ribbon (red and white, yellow and white, chocolate brown and red). Then, fill with tongue-in-cheek treats like like Atomic Fireballs, Hot Tamales, Red Hots or candy fire extinguishers. Or set out these items in a red, white and yellow candy buffet. Other possibilities: rolls of Lifesavers (get it?), personalized hot sauce, personalized barbeque sauce, or miniature flashlights on keychains.

Music to Their Ears

Call up your local Scottish/Irish musicians for live bagpipes at your wedding. Also, consider the Backdraft Soundtrack, the Ladder 49 Soundtrack, and