Do bridesmaids have to wear hair up if bride does?

I was told by someone that if the bride has her hair up, the bridesmaids should have theirs down and vice-versa, as it looks better in photos. Is there any truth to this? If not, how different should the bridesmaids hair be from the brides?

Joyce Connor, Brides and Beauty

There are no real rules to how the bridesmaids should have their hair compared to the bride’s. The bride should have a more intricate style than the bridesmaids do though. If the bride is wearing her hair all up then the bridesmaids could wear their hair half up and half down.

Choosing a style for the bridesmaids would depend on the length of all their hair. It’s best to try and co-ordinate the final style to suit all of the bridesmaids. If one has shorter hair it would be better for them all to have their hair down.

Brides and Beauty

Elysa Ross, PalmBeachWeddingExpert.comWedding Beauty Expert

There are no concrete rules as to how the brides and the maids should wear their hair. It is entirely a personal decision. A good comparison would be the trend of bridesmaids’ dresses that are all cut from the same cloth, but in different styles and lengths. Not everything has to be “matchy, matchy” as long as it is all complimentary & cohesive. That being said, if you are having a casual affair-less complicated or formal styles mirror that theme, but again-there is no right or wrong.