Engagement photo session

We know pretty well that your engagement is fabulous and that no one has been asked to get married like you. But it’s a pity if there are only the two of you who know just how special the engagement was.

In order not to deny the godfathers their right of knowing for sure how the engagement was, we think that it’s great to have a photo session that is special and in which you recreate the moment in which you were asked to get married, or at least to simulate the state of spirit.
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The good part is that the majority of the photographers offer for free the engagement session! The rest of the details are going to be taken into account in the following moments….

Smile and enjoy!

If you feel bad or you’re not enchanted of the photo session you can postpone it up to the moment in which you’re going to feel like doing it. This is due to the fact that the engagement session isn’t as rigid as that of the wedding session and it’s a perfect moment for having fun with your dearest ones. So, smile wide and enjoy of the special moment!

Funny details!

The pictures with the future bride and groom keeping in their hands objects that you’re less expected to observe are already really famous throughout the world. Especially the American photographers are those that make scenarios fro funny engagement pictures.

You don’t have to go in America to take funny pictures, but you can go in your grandmother’s yard and steal some rose buds and a midget.

Unusual locations.

You can apply for a photo session that takes part in an old station. It’s not the case of applying for the same place, but as special as the location is you have to make sure that the pictures are really funny in the same time.

Try to detach yourself from the classical side, because at the end of the event you’re going to have hundreds of pictures in a classic style and the pictures are going to be amusing and special.

Attention! Picture the love!

Of course, you’re not going to be the protagonists of the pictures; your love is going to be! Now you have the chance of showing for real just how in love you are and how happy you are only thinking of the fact that you’re going to get married.

At the wedding you’re going to be too tired and stressed of being happy and enjoying, so it’s a real great thing to enjoy the photo session that is dedicated to the engagement….