Etiquette on Gift Giving for Convalidation Ceremony

I know this young couple that chose to elope and afterwards told all their family and friends. They then registered for gifts and the gal had a bridal shower.

Almost two years later they are going to have a convalidation in the Catholic church with bridesmaids, groomsmen, the whole nine yards including a reception at a park.

They already received gifts after they eloped and now want to receive cash gift. They want to register and maybe do a honeymoon registry and feel it’s not appropriate to say no gifts.

I would like to know in a situation like this was is the right thing to do?


Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

A Convalidation cermony is not a gift giving event. In fact, the convalidation is a blessing of the marriage which already took place outside of the church. None of what this couple is doing is appropriate, outside of actually asking for the Convalidation Ceremony. The reason for the ceremony is not a wedding do-over but rather a ceremony to validate their marriage in the church’s eye.

The couple doesn’t seem to get the meaning of this ceremony. Their focus is definitely in the wrong place. I hope they can have a little time to discuss all of this with their priest before moving ahead.

If I were invited to this event I would probably have to think about attending. If I did attend I surely wouldn’t give a gift, especially not a monetary gift. I might make a donation to the church in their name and put that inside of a card.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Wow! I completely agree. This really is a greed fest, but they may not realize it.

They also had a shower after they were already married?? Only those invited to the wedding may be invited to a shower (a prewedding party). So, that is just one of the elements of this mess that is improper and impolite.