Flower Boys?

I do not have any small girls in my life and therefore will not be having a flower girl. However, I do have two nephews and when I get married they will be 5 & 7. I would rather not have them as ring bearers (even with fake rings). Have you ever heard of Flower attendants that were boys? Perhaps they could carry a garland or small wreath that could adorn the statue of Mary (I’ll be having a Catholic Ceremony). Any ideas on what else they might carry or be called? I will be having a very traditional wedding and wouldn’t want to commit a faux pas if this is too weird of an idea. Thank you.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Ermartin,

They could be flower boys. There is no gender difference these days. But, the expectation from your guests may be different. Your guests may find it strange, especially if this is very traditional and formal.

You really don’t need children in your wedding. Some times it is best.

Best wishes,

Weddings by Shayna

I think in this traditional area the idea of flower boys would be difficult to support, but regionally people will react differently.

If your church will permit, they could carry a banner that says “The bride is coming” just before you walk down the aisle. It combines the sentiment of an old folk tradition of a bell ringer (who runs down the aisle ringing a bell, shouting “The Bride is Coming”), with a very popular trend of personalizing banners for use at weddings. It’s one thought, if you really want the children in the wedding.