greenback bridal shower invitations

My fiance and I decided to have a green back wedding shower because we have already lived together for 3 years and have everything we need. We have heard that it is improper to actually write “greenback shower” on the invitations because people will think it is rude to just ask for money. What is the proper thing to do????

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Dear Sue:

Firstly, it is considered improper for you and your fiance to be hosting a shower for yourselves. However, if one of the members of your bridal party or a friend would like to host a shower for you then I would leave out that word “greenback” since I’m sure there will be those who are offended by being told exactly what gift to give.

Traditionally, the bridal shower is given to shower the bride with gifts to help set up a new household. Since you already have everything you need and have your home set there really is no need for the typical shower.

If someone does offer to host a shower for you perhaps you and your fiance could register for gifts that you’d like to have or have a themed wedding shower such as a lingerie Shower (who couldn’t use new lingerie?).

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