Grown up flower girl and ring barrer…

I have a 21 year old “flower girl” and a 29 year old “ring barrer” (whom is also female). Any good suggestions for titles other than flower woman? I’m looking for something cute.

Nancy Tucker

This is absolutely wrong and to me it would be a source of embarrassment to the two adults. There are age limits on these attendants which you choices have fully exceeded.

Brandi Hamerstone,

Well, there really is an age limit to “flower girl & ring bearers” and it is quite a bit closer to 7, nowhere near 21 or 29. I’m not sure how this idea came about, but I would think that your friends would be a bit embarrased to be considered for those roles. If they aren’t and think the idea is a good one because they wish to be involved, then they should be part of the bridal party, as in bridesmaids and groomsmen. There are numerous ways to incorporate “cute” ideas into your wedding without putting adult guest into children’s roles.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

I agree with the other experts. There’s no reason to put adults into children’s roles. There are plently of other ways to include your adult friends in the wedding party. It’s not essential to have a flower girl and/or ring bearer. The only people you do need to be married would be two witnesses over the legal age to sign the marriage certificate.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I couldn’t agree more. I would imagine chuckles coming from your guests. It would be impolite to do this to those you care about.


Wow. You all are so uptight and close minded. I do believe the question was if anyone had a different name, not your opinion if it was okay or not. It’s really none of your business whom I chose to do what role. Get with it, it’s 2010. Oh yeah, and get better profile pictures.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Right, nobody had an alternative idea. The reason you cannot come up with a name for these pretend, ridiculous roles you made up is because they are pretend and ridiculous roles and not age appropriate for these adults. It has nothing to do with what year it is.

LOL…yes, it is all of us, never you. It’s obvious you don’t care at all about these people. And, to attack someone based on how you think their picture looks is immature and shallow (now, why doesn’t it surprise me that you’re immature and shallow?). Ever watch Judge Judy? She’s an extremely intelligent, highly educated woman who is paid millions for what she has to offer and even she says, “They don’t keep me around for my looks”. She gets that, although she may not be a cover girl, she’s a beautiful human being with a lot to offer. But, I digress… I think everyone on this panel is a beautiful person, inside and out, especially since they offer their time and expertise (which they typically get paid for) at no cost to the general public.
Thanks everyone for what you do and who you are.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

Barrer? LOL