Having a Butterfly Wedding

Petal Picking

It’s easy to find a wide assortment of flower picks shaped like butterflies. You can easily tuck these into bouquets, altar flowers, or pew swags and flowers. Stencil a butterfly on a plain white guest book, or glue on a lacy appliqué.

Apply Yourself

Butterfly appliqués are simple to add to your wedding dress, veil, the flower girl’s dress, the ring bearer’s pillow or even your money purse. For your attendants’ gifts, how about lovely chain or bracelet with a golden butterfly pendant or charm? Add butterflies to the wedding cake. Have the decorator create sugar-paste butterflies, or add a jaunty spray of silk monarchs to the cake top. Alternative: top off the cake with a small, fancy cage. Fill it with flowers and a fluttering butterfly … or two. Serve butterfly-shaped cookies and candies for those with a sweet tooth.

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In Living Color

Then, of course, there are live butterflies waiting to be a part of your special day. Display them a lace cage beside the guest book or other place of honor during the wedding. Then transport your little flutterers to the reception.

(The flower girl could echo this by carrying a small lace-covered cage herself. Inside the decorative cage, place fresh flowers and a butterfly: a beautiful alternative to dropping rose petals!)

Last but not least: after the ceremony, hand each guest a triangle-shaped envelope. As the bride and groom depart the chapel, the pastor might read a prayer or remind guests of “The Indian Legend.” When the prayer is finished, ask the guests to open their envelopes. Inside each one is a safe and secure butterfly, just waiting to flutter skyward at your wedding


Family and loved ones will be delighted by these flying flowers as they glide along in the sunlight. You’ve just given rise to some wonderful memories that
will last a lifetime! Don’t want to use live butterflies? How about a few animated butterflies that move realistically using thin wires that plug into a receptacle. Tuck these in flower arrangements and centerpieces.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have a butterfly wedding?

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