Ideas for poem for kitchen theme bridal shower invitation

I am helping with a work related bridal shower for a co worker and was looking for a catchy saying to put on the invitation. Then I discovered the wonderful idea of doing a themed shower and we wanted to have ours be “the kitchen” since our bride to be loves any and all kitchen gadgets. However, I would still like to come up with a poem to put on the invitation letting our co-workers know of the theme. Nothing too long. Are there any ideas to help me out on this one?

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You are invited to a fun Mixer

we’re having for “Jane’s” bridal shower,

So, whip up your imagination when it comes to the gift

one part gadget, and two cups flour!


We all know that Jane’s a slave to her kitchen,

and that she idolizes all those gadgets and things,

so, when you come to her bridal shower,

don’t forget the theme of the gift you should bring!


Hope this helps!!!