Island Elegant attire /October at Florida Keys

We have no idea what to wear at the wedding in a upscale
resort hotel at Florida Key in October. Invitation says “Island Elegant”.
It’s going to be outise on the beach starting at 15:30.

Shoud we go with cocktail dress and tuxedo
or can be more casual like sundress / kahki pants?

Appreciate your help!

Nancy Tucker

Dear Island Elegant,

I’m making a presumption but would think that with the time of day, a sundress and kahkis. However since it’s at an upscale site and it’s Island Elegant, I think I’d opt for the cocktail dress and suit.


Dear Miamian:

Another option available to you is to call the Resort and ask to speak with someone at the Concierge’s desk. Since they work with these types of events all the time, perhaps someone can more precisely explain what “Island Elegant” is considered at that location.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for your comment. Better safe to be “elegant”.



yes, that’s good idea. I will call the resort, let’s see
what they will recommend.

Thanks for your advise.