Major problem with fake silk Wedding flower bouquets

I am planning on making all of the bouquets for my wedding flowers myself. I bought fake silk carnations and styroam cones. I wrapped the cone in ribbon (WHICH IS NOT WORKING AT ALL! Anyone know what I could be doing wrong?) But I wrapped it the best I could, and placed the flowers on it…I thought it didnt look the best, But I thought with a ribbon tied in a bow, it could work. My Mom stronly disagrees, she says they look cheap and homemade. LOL I dont know what else to do. I cant have real flowers, as my future mother in law and my Dad are both on chemo, and have been advised to stay away from real flowers. And I also have a limited budget, so do figure out what I am doing wrong would save me alot of money!

I am using red carnations for my bridesmaids. And white carnations for my flower girl. My Mom said the white ones look too plain, and that they need something added. I dont want anything added, I like the “clean” look! Are there any alternatives besides greenery?

Any advice on any of this would be very very appreciated! I thank any of you who responds.

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Save Money and Make Your Own Bouquet!

“Can I really do it myself” you ask? Absolutely. Thousands of brides just like you have walked down the aisle with a magnificent bouquet that only looks expensive.

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

[unsure] Okay…let’s get you to a can do! First thing you need to do is go to a good craft store and buy plastic bouquet holders, double faced tape, nice fabric ribbon and a few corsage pins. Can’t succeed without the bouquet holders. If you can’t find them locally go online and get them.

[tongue] Next, I would like you to consider adding one or two more types of white flowers to your bouquet. I suggest looking for some freesia or small roses. Just carnations will indeed look [tongue]. Get a touch more creative.

[laugh] Now, take all your flowers and trim the stems to the same length. Probably no more than 3 or 4 inches from the back of the bloom.

[shocked]Set your bouquet holder on a heavy glass to hold it while you insert the flowers. Begin at the upper center with the prettiest mix of flowers. Insert flowers firmly and deep and don’t keep repositioning them. That will ruin the stability of the foam in the holder .

After you have a nice focal center insert the simple carnations all around the outer edge. Angle these slightly downward, (toward where your hand will be) and deep enough so the back of the stems won’t show. You may have to shorten the stems a bit.

Next fill in all the in between areas tightly and to the same height…Looking better, right?[;)]

[:)]To wrap the plastic holder apply a strip of double faced tape up the handle. Tape ribbon to hang off the bottom of handle with a ring of scotch or masking tape. Beginning at the bottom wrap it tightly up the stem. The double faced tape will hold it in place. When you get to the top area use a combination of the double faced tape, ribbon and corsage pins to finish it nicely.[;)] Too hard to describe in words but you can figure it all out. Be patient and careful and make it pretty.

Your attendants can be done the same way or you might consider just using round balls and ribbon handles, like pomandor balls. Do them the same way but attach the ribbon to the balls with a corsage pin and a bit of glue and cut the flower stems a bit shorter.

Things to consider to dress things up a bit are soft georgeous ribbon and bows. Pearl strands coiled with the ribbon or a little bit of tulle to frame the flowers.

[;)] Sooooo, Get to work and let me know how it goes. Good luck and try to have a little fun![:)]

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It’s nice that you are considerate of your parents and in-laws health. Silk flowers can often be prettier than REAL! You go GIRL!!!

Great suggestion Flower Sue!!!