Money-Saving Metals for Wedding Bands

Silver Flower Wedding BandYour wedding band is meant to represent your love for life, so it’s not a place to skimp on quality. However, there are ways to save money on a wedding ring without resorting to a band that’s cheaply made or that leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to style. One of the biggest factors (arguably the very biggest factor) in the price of a wedding band is the metal from which it’s crafted, and money-saving options like titanium wedding bands can provide attractive and affordable options.

Today’s brides and grooms have a more than just a few metals to choose from, and those on a budget are no exception. Sterling silver wedding bands are the most well-known wallet-friendly options, and are made from a metal that’s made its way into the vast majority of modern jewelry boxes. Sterling silver has long been an affordable option for wedding bands, and these days, silver wedding bands are available in styles for nearly every taste, from sleek, simple designs to trendy yet timeless Art Deco rings.

While sterling silver does tarnish over time, it’s not difficult or time-consuming to clean. However, if you’d rather not deal with tarnish at all, try a wedding band that’s crafted from argentium sterling silver, (a special variety of sterling silver that doesn’t tarnish) for a ring that’s low maintenance. Regardless, be sure to look for a wedding band that’s made of solid high-quality .925 sterling silver, not one that’s just silver plated.

Titanium is another affordable option, though this metal is known not so much for its price as for its strength. Strong enough to hold aircraft together yet lighter than steel, this is a true performance metal, and it comes it at a price that makes an incredible value. But that’s far from the end of benefits of titanium. This metal is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it great option for anyone with metal allergies or sensitive skin.

Cobalt Satin-Brushed Double-Edged Wedding BandUnlike sterling silver, titanium is a non-reactive metal, which means that it won’t rust or corrode over time. It’s a low maintenance pick with a contemporary gray sheen that’s undeniably cool, whether given a brushed or polished finish.

Cobalt wedding bands such as the Cobalt Satin-Brushed Double-Edged Wedding Band are also excellent picks for budget-minded couples. Like titanium, cobalt is a strong metal; it’s shatter-proof, it’s scratch-resistant and can be polished to a remarkably high shine. While cobalt isn’t quite as common as silver or titanium, it’s a cool, modern pick that’s quickly gaining fans.

You can easily purchase a wedding band that’s made from one of these metals for under $200 without sacrificing one ounce of quality or settling for a style that’s just so-so.  Whether you want a traditional metal or one that’s recently made a name for itself in the world of wedding bands, there’s an affordable option that fits your style. There’s no need to choose between your taste and your bank account when you choose a ring that’s crafted from sterling silver, titanium or cobalt.