Perfect eyebrows 2

Eyebrows…. Eyebrows are really important in order to have a healthy complexion look. We’re certain that you want all the time to have perfect brows, but it’s kind of hard to obtain them alone. You can definitely try to go to several salons and see where they tweeze them exactly how you want them to look like.
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There are many women that obtain that luscious look without going to a cosmetic salon, but we’re certain that these cases are rare, because it’s hard to obtain the same gorgeous shape for both of them.

If you have a friend that tweezes with leisure and who does it to herself in a gorgeous manner then it means that you’re a lucky woman, because we consider these cases rare as well.

The first step into having perfect eyebrows is to find the perfect tweezers and you have to apply for ones that are really gentle when you use them and made of the appropriate material. Also, in this case you have to search and search over and over again….

We’re certain that most of you are kind of pleased in what concerns the shape of their tweezers, but there are some cases in which you’re simply bored of the shape of your eyebrows and you want to apply for another one, make them slimmer or something like that!

Don’t go for the part in which they’re really slim and thin because this shape makes your look kind of unpleasant and cheap in the same time. We know, we’ve mentioned about this aspect in several of our topics and that’s really the case, because you definitely have to pay attention in what concerns their slimness.

We would like also to take into consideration another aspect- dyeing them or simply contour them with the help of a special crayon. What can you do in this case? Well, go for it! Paint them with a special day, make them look perfectly contoured and this will help a lot in case you want to continue to tweeze them on your own. If you dye them with a special paint then they will have their own shape and the extra threads of hair that are going to appear next to them are going to be removed with ease, while you’re at home and you usually take care of your beauty.

There’s also the option of tattooing them and we sincerely don’t recommend you to do that. this procedure doesn’t involve pain as you may think, but surely you’re going to want sometime in your life to apply for another shape and if it’s a permanent tattoo then we don’t see how you can do it!