Mother of the Groom Attire

My son is to be married in 2 weeks, and after uninviting me and my husband at Christmastime (to complicated to go into here; but involved a disagreement when my mother/son’s grandmother was in hospice care and dying) has invited us only 2 weeks out from the wedding. I have not been involved in any of the planning, but know it is a late morning wedding, with a casual outdoor reception to follow later in the afternoon. I am unable to get information from the Bride as to what her mother is wearing, but know that the bride is wearing an elegant floor length gown, and her bridesmaid dresses are seafoam green/cream. I know that my son’s stepmom is wearing a red dress and hat. I am without guidance as to what I should wear, and wish to be appropriate (and attractive) for the situation.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

I’m glad your son has come around to inviting you.

It’s too bad you can’t find out more about what the mother of the bride is wearing. Just note that mother’s should not wear red (true red) since it would detract from the bride. For a morning wedding with an outdoor reception you should dress less formally and could choose a knee length, or even tea length, dress in a coordinating color with sea foam green. Choose light, informal fabrics like linen.

Hope this helps.

Irina Feygin,
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I totally agree! Chose an elegant tea-length dress in soft colors coordinating with sea foam green, and you will look great and feel confident. Enjoy your son’s wedding!

aylor Eisenberger, Owner, Designer at Taylored for You Bridal Boutique

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! I think a knee or tea length dress would be perfect. You could wear a pale pink, light blue or even a champagne color dress to the wedding. Best of luck with everything!


Found out Bride’s mom is wearing knee length seafoam green/cream dress. Now I know what direction to go in.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

That’s great! So, find a coordinating color to seafoam. I love aqua or teal.

Something like this, from David’s Bridal, would be nice.

teal mob dress.png

It’s on sale right now for under $100, which is a steal IMO>

If you’re on a budget, shop your local thrift and consignment stores. You’d be surprised what you can pick up for a few dollars and it usually goes to charity so it’s a win win.

Please let us know what you decide.


Found a lovely Jones of New York dress in lavender/lilac silk, tea length, cap sleeves, v neck empire waist. Lovely, soft, flowy fabric, and very simple, elegant line. I don’t want to outshine the bride! Best of all, $6 at a thrift store! SCORE!!!!

YAY! Gotta love the thrift shops.They take some time to sift through, but glad you found something. Can you take a photo and attach so we can see it?


i will –