All You Need to Know About Picking Your Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are essential. They help tie together the look of your entire table, which demand your guests’ focus for half your reception. The centerpieces influence the linens you choose, the table dimensions and even the number of guests you seat on each table. So, it’s important to discuss your centerpiece options beforehand with your decorator and caterer.

Helpful Factors for Picking Your Centerpieces

The size of your centerpiece is important. It shouldn’t be so small as to get overlooked. But if it’s too large, other table features like the place cards, cutlery and dishware can become too cramped. The height of the centerpiece also merits your careful consideration. If the centerpiece you choose is something thin like a beautiful candle, the height matters much less. In fact, you may need it to be really tall to get noticed.

On the other hand, if your centerpiece is a wide and sprawling floral arrangement, ensure that it’s short enough that guests can see each other over the florals (or tall enough that the florals are elevated on a slender trumpet vase). Often, couples choose centerpieces that are so overwhelming that guests can’t even see each other properly across them, let alone hold a conversation!

Popular Centerpiece Options

Flowers, Live and Cut

Floral arrangements are the most common and traditional centerpieces. They can vary from small, exotic arrangements to large and effusive ones. If you want the wedding centerpiece to double as a party favor, think about gathering a group of small potted plants that also serves as a place card holder. After the party, guests can take their potted herb or flower home. This is attractive, informal and charming and works perfectly well for a garden party.



Tabletop fountains are a more exotic centerpiece choice, and add a strong Asian feel to your entire reception. Place votive candles around the fountain to add atmosphere.

Floating Bowls

A crystal bowl filled with rose petals floating in water makes a smashing and inexpensive centerpiece. Add floating candles for a nighttime reception. The roses not only add romance, but their gentle fragrance will enhance the tables.

Centerpieces are central to any wedding decor, so give them the attention they deserve. You’ll be surprised how much a well-chosen design will bring to your reception