Using Pew Bows/Tulle Swags for Wedding Decorations

We are getting married in a church that uses chairs instead of pews. We would like to decorate the aisle with pew bows. Any ideas on how to attach these to the sides of the chairs, or alternative ideas to use pew bows and/or tulle swags?

Audrey Gardemeyer, Botanica Floral Designs

The real question is what do the chairs look like? Is there anywhere on the side of the chair that you can attach a pew bow or a tulle swag? The style and design of the chair will determine where you can affix these.

My favorite supply to attach pew bows to chairs is to use a pipe cleaner or wire covered in floral tape.

If there is no way of attaching bows/tulle to the chairs you may have to be a little more creative. You might need to rent stands or tall candelabras to place down the aisle way. Just a few more ideas to consider.

I wish you the best of luck with your decorating!


They are fully cushioned, back and seat. No way to use any wire on them. I may need to use something freestanding.

Audrey Gardemeyer, Botanica Floral Designs

Another option may be to use clips which can be tightened onto the edge of the chair without harming the finish. If you contact a local floral designer, they should be able to get this in from one of their suppliers.