Vow Renewal Do’s and Dont’s

My husband and I are starting to think about our 10 year vow renewal and I had a couple questions. I am reading conflicting information in regards to what is ok and what is not ok for a vow renewal. We originally had a modest ceremony 10 years ago and I don’t want to recreate that at all. However, there was one important aspect of our original wedding that we could not afford and I wanted to incorporate that into my vow renewal….which was location. There is a beautiful, historic chapel on the water that I wanted to get married at but we couldn’t make it work the first time around. Is this ok for the renewal? As for the dress I wanted to wear…My original dress was a big ballgown with all the bells and whistles. For the renewal, I wanted to wear a vintage inspired lace sheath style dress with no train or veil but maybe a crystal headband or a flower in my hair. Is this ok? Is it ok to have a bouquet? Is it ok to have a reception/party afterwards with a cake? We were also going to have our two young boys stand with us during the renewal but no attendants. Is this ok? Finally, the other thing that I didn’t get the first time around was the wedding ring of my dreams. Is it ok to do this now for the renewal? Help! I am lost and I wish I could find a renewal planning book that lists out all the do’s and dont’s for a renewal.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

You can go crazy trying to get an authoritative source for vow renewal information — both online and in books. But, I think I Do, Take Two’s website has the information you need:

Vow Renewal Ceremony Etiquette

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony Planning

Hope that resource answers all of these questions for ya. Happy Anniversary.