Who is the host of a wedding?

Who is actually the HOST of a wedding? My niece and her husband are planning a church wedding next year (they married in a quickie Vegas deal 4 years ago). Her father (divorced from mom and remarried) is paying for the reception. Niece and husband are paying for everything else. Who is host??

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Who is the Host,

The host is the person paying for the event. It would be the married couple. And, because they are married, this wouldn’t be a wedding. There are many types of weddings and a ‘quickie’ wedding is one of them. They are already married.

This would be a vow renewal and should not be considered or mirror a wedding to be viewed positively. If it appears to be a wedding, it may be viewed as a contrived event to garner gifts. Please ask your niece to read more about vow renewal etiquette.

Best wishes,