Wedding guests wearing cream/ivory linen suit

I’m attending three weddings this summer – two in July and one over Labor Day weekend. I’m not sure if they are indoor/outdoor, but am pretty sure they are all in the afternoon (the Labor day one starts at 4pm).

I recently bought a cream/ivory linen suit and was thinking of wearing a white french cuff shirt, white pocket square, and black tie, belt. Is this an appropriate outfit for any/all of the weddings? What should I change about my outfit? I wanted to stay away from too many bright colors to avoid looking too “miami vice”. Does indoor vs. outdoor matter? What about early/late afternoon vs. evening?

I also have a dark grey conservative suit – would this be more appropriate?

Thank you!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Loves the Linen,

Typically, afternoon weddings call for the attire you would wear to a nice restaurant. Evening weddings tend to call for cocktail attire (suits). So, your linen suit would bridge all those gaps. It may be a bit dressy if one of the weddings was an informal outdoor affair. But, it wouldn’t be embarrassingly over-dressing.

Best wishes,


thank you very much for your response… is the color scheme ok (cream/ivory with white shirt and black tie, belt, shoes), or should i add something else?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Sometimes the white makes the ivory look dirty. So, compare the colors. A shirt with some color would be nice. Just stay away from pastels if you don’t want to look like a refugee from Miami Vice.