What Color Flowers Go With Champagne Wedding Dress

I am currently struggling with choosing flowers for my wedding! My wedding dress is a champagne color. It is very elegant and I want to keep that in mind when picking out my bridesmaid dresses and wedding flowers. Could help me pick out some colors that would coordinate well? I’ve thought of red but I’m not sure if it would match! What’s your expert advice?

Audrey Gardemeyer, Botanica Floral Designs

Your dress is magnificent! I would be cautious about the bridesmaid dresses complimenting your look as well. Any good stylist at a bridal salon should be able to help you find the right look to compliment.

For the flowers, are you torn between carrying a white bouquet and carrying a red bouquet? Here’s the thing… a white bouquet is not going to have as much contrast against a lighter dress such as white or champagne as say a red bouquet would. Your dress makes such a statement, and I am thinking that a red bouquet might be just too much?? If you leaned towards a white bouquet you could carry a variation of ‘Vendella’ and ‘Sahara’ roses which will compliment your style, or a bouquet of white stephanotis. Something simple and elegant to really compliment your fabulous dress.

My suggestion would be to try holding a bouquet in red and see what you think compared to a white-ivory toned mix. You don’t want to find out on the day of your wedding that you don’t like your overall look. For your bridesmaids flowers, it depends on what color dresses they will be wearing and what color to have them carry and compliment their look.

Best of luck to you, hopefully this helps your dilemma!