Can you add a blusher or make one to a one tier veil?

I purchased a veil unknowling it was one tier after I purchased it, is there someway I can make a blusher to be sewn to it? I like the veil alot but I wanted a blusher as well did not know after I purchased it and of course the place refused to refund or exchange my money back, it was way expensive and I have not got alot of money left, was wondering if this could be done? If so how? Could I buy material or net and would it work?


Lori of

Ask the boutique where you bought your veil if they can make you a blusher. The designer can use velcro to attach the extra piece, you can also use a hat pin and pin it to the top. A hat pin is a long straight pin with a pearl at the end. The hat pin will be really easy to take out too.

For less stress it’s best to leave this in the hands of a professional.


Gena Conti, Owner, Designer, Milliner at Gena Conti Millinery

Dear Bridetobe:

Anything is “possible” but without seeing your veil & headpiece, I can only generalize about a “fix” to your predicament. I am assuming there is a headpiece or tiara involved, since you’ve mentioned the veil was very expensive. I am also guessing that the shop/venue you purchased it from does not have custom services available or they would have already offered to remedy the problem for you (at additional cost, I’m sure).

I agree that adding a blusher veil is best solved by a professional: Milliner or bridal ateliere.
Bridal veiling tulle comes in many shades and qualities.

IF you have time restraints and cannot find these professionals locally or on line, try the local best fabric store. They sometimes have resources of professional/semi-professional seamstresses or tailors who may be able to assist.

IF you are determined to DO-IT-YOURSELF, there are books out there to assist, i.e.: “I Do Veils” by Claudia Lynch. Take your veil to the fabric store for matching color & quality and do this in the daytime light. Take your swatch to the WINDOW there and match the colors in the daylight. I cannot stress this enough. The sales assistants should be able to advise you of how much fabric to purchase (be safe: buy a little extra … you can always cut more off if you need to).

If it’s a “blusher” you want, it’s a blusher you should have and the costs need NOT be overwhelming … even IF you decide to get professional help.

You’re going to look gorgeous!

Please call upon me if I can be of further assistance.
My best to you!