Bridal Shower for Destination Wedding

Is it appropriate to host a bridal shower for a destination wedding given the $ many will spend to attend the wedding? And- is appropriate to expect a bridesmaid to contribute? This couple have been living together for some time now.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

A bridal shower is an optional pre-wedding party hosted typically be the bridal party or family friend. These weddings are usually a smaller event, given the cost, so you have to consder whether it makes sense to host a shower for such a small number of guests. The cost could be a consideration for each guest, so perhaps think about a gift less shower.

No one should be expected to host or pay for this party. Anyone who want to participate in hosting can, and they should agree to the costs beforehand.

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Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I agree. Most likely it wouldn’t be a great idea to host one as the costs of attending the wedding will be high. I do also agree that the guest list for the wedding is most likely small. So, expecting most all guests to give 2 gifts is not polite. If hosting, the giftless shower would be the best choice.