Top Five Wedding Planning Blunders To Avoid

When you’re thinking about planning your wedding, there are a lot of things to take in and a lot of things to consider. For starters, you’re going to be responsible for throwing one of the biggest parties that you may have ever thrown in your life, and while none of your guests is going to mind how the event goes off – provided that they have plenty of food to eat and drinks to drink – you want to make this an incredible event and one to remember with fondness forever. While there are plenty of websites dedicated to the things that you should do in order to have a fabulous wedding, I wanted to outline some of the things that you need to avoid – just so that you have a heads up when it comes to potential issues or dramas. Read this and enjoy hassle-free wedding planning!

Not getting the best price

It’s a horrible feeling to buy something, only to find out later that someone else has managed to sell the same product for much cheaper – or even slightly cheaper – because when you’re planning a wedding, every cent counts! Make sure you eliminate buyer’s remorse and the horrible sinking feeling that you could have got a better deal elsewhere by shopping around. Get some friends, bridesmaids or relatives to get out there with you and help you shop. Better yet, use a price comparison site or something that gives you the best prices and you can basically be rest assured that you’ll be paying the best price for something. I know that shopping for wedding decorations online is definitely the best way to get the cheapest price because you cut out the cost of having to visit a bricks-and-mortar store. You can also view a huge range of products very easily and from the comfort of your home!


For God’s sake, make sure you have enough food and drinks! Sort this one out with your caterers well in advance so that you know you’ll have enough food and booze to feed and water the hungry masses. Weddings are great for two reasons: You get to party with your friends and family, and someone else picks up the bill. Don’t rob your friends of the opportunity to get drunk on your tab!

Missing out on deadlines

That horrible sinking feeling of realising that you’ve missed the chance to book the doves/magician/band? Yep, probably best to avoid that. Get your deadlines in check early on with an organiser or by saving dates into your phone. That way, you won’t miss anything and will have the wedding of the year!

Stressing out

This is a wedding planning blunder because your wedding should be a happy time where you enjoy the experience from start to finish. No one is naive enough to assume that it’s all roses and fun, but you shouldn’t get stressed out about things that aren’t worth your time. Make sure you schedule yourself a massage every month or so to destress when you need to. After all, if you’re not calm – no one else will be!

Not delegating

Don’t try and do it all yourself – you’re not a superhuman and the point of having a bridal party is that they can shoulder some of the tasks for you. Enlist the help of your best mates and you’ll find that many hands really do make light work!
Enjoy your experience and planning your wedding, and I hope that this list will help you to have an overwhelmingly positive experience. Remember – just breathe if it all gets too much, and enjoy the ride!