When to take wedding photos when ceremony and reception are in the same place

I’m having trouble figuring out when to have professional photos taken of myself and my fiance, and our wedding party. I know its usually done right after the ceremony while guests are making their way to the reception site, but our wedding ceremony will be held water front in the golf/green grass at a country club and then the reception is just inside the country club building in one of their rooms… I’m not sure if we should walk back down the aisle and disappear with our wedding party to take photos immediately while ushers and/or appointed host directs the guests toward the reception room where there will be hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails, or should we walk to the end of the aisle and wait for guests to come by to greet us, and then take pictures?

Thank you!

Nancy Tucker

You are correct in that you would want to disappear after the recessional and then allow gusests to leave the area. Once the area is cleared you can begin your photos. Most photographers will do some of the formals prior to the ceremony so that there are less to complete afterward. It is very important that the wedding party does not begin to mingle with the guests or this will create an excessive delay in getting your formals done.

Tabitha Mc Causalnd of Tab McCausland Photography

It really depends on the amount of time you have with your photographer and what time of day your ceremony will be over. If you have 30mins until the sun is set then you don’t want to do a receiving line because I have seen them take over 30mins before to greet all the guest. Normally the bride and groom and wedding party go down the isle and off into a location the guests can’t see them. The officiant lets the guests know there is food and cocktails inside and the wedding party comes back and takes photos. If you only have an hour for formal pictures that really is the best way. Also having your immediate family ready to take photos right after the ceremony will cut down on time as well. Good Luck darling!!!