Another Golden Globes trend – backless bridal dresses

I guess you are used by now with us offering you more and more wedding suggestions from the Golden Globes. Well, in this article we will talk about backless bridal dresses, because we have noticed their popularity at this grand event. Besides that, we believe that something like this is very sexy and therefore, ladies will feel compelled to adorn their bodies with something like this.

However, because some of you may fear that this apparel might not be appropriate for the religious ceremony, then your wedding reception could be the right moment when you may wear something like this.

Thus, if you want to make a difference between the day wedding ceremony and the reception, well you could use your outfit in order to do so.

The important names who decided to reveal their sexy back belonged to: Heidi Klum, Jessica Biel, Nicole Richie and Zooey Deschanel. These ladies opted for great designers, such as: Calvin Klein, Julien MacDonald, Elie Saab or Prada. However, even if these gowns were exposed in the evening and extremely formal version it doesn’t have to mean that they are not suited for your wedding appearance. On the contrary, the reason why we have mentioned these ladies is due to the fact that we want you to get inspired by them and when purchasing your designer bridal dresses, you could have them as an example.

But, if you will choose to reveal your back at your wedding reception, you should make sure that the neckline won’t reveal that much. A combination that we adore is the one between a conservatory neckline and a backless dress. This shows that you area stylish and classy brides, who is aware of the fact that one should not reveal too much of herself.

Therefore, since great and famous celebrities have gone for this choice, then it seems that these fashionable dresses may cover your body at your important event. So, go backless at your wedding reception and have fun showing your skin. Don’t be afraid that this might shock some of your guests! This is what you love and therefore this is what you shall wear.