Best Accessories for the Groom

Although the bride usually gets a lot of well-deserved attention on the day – with a magnificent dress or trouser suit, perfectly presented hair and shoes to die for – grooms also have a lot of room for creativity when it comes to their wedding attire. Whether a big affair or a small gathering, what’s important is that both bride and groom feel comfortable and beautiful on their special day. Avoid anything that causes too much stress with a few simple tips.The traditional notion behind wedding styles was to do something out of the ordinary and special. We agree with the special element, but it’s important to stick with things you like, rather than opting for items that you think are wedding-suitable and adequately lavish. A groom’s accessories provide room to get creative and also to reflect personality. Have a look at some of our top ideas:


An attractive timepiece is one of the most common yet effective accessories for a groom. Buying a new piece for the occasion not only adds to your overall look but it also acts as a sentimental reminder or a memento that captures your wedding day. Depending on your budget, you could opt for a James Bond-esque Omega like these classic options, or perhaps something a bit more simple like a special edition Casio. Regardless of what your choice might be, a slight glimmer of a watch underneath your shirt sleeve can often be the perfect accessory on a wedding day.


When going for formal wear, this element often trips up many a groom; the choice between neckties, bow ties or nothing at all, often proves quite difficult. While a lot of grooms used to gravitate towards a necktie as a way of showing a bit more personality, many are now opting for a quirky bow tie in a fun pattern or color instead. Browse around and choose something that catches your eye. Remember: it will almost certainly end up in your pocket by the end of the night!

Pocket Squares

One of the most subtle ways to add color to a groom’s outfit, or also to stick to a wedding motif, is with a sophisticated pocket square. Choose a vibrant color or an exciting pattern to liven things up and learn how to fold it in whichever way suits you best. It can match your shirt, be accompanied by flowers, or even match your bride’s shoes.


Although socks may not seem like the most adventurous wedding accessory a groom could ask for, they can in fact be a fun injection of color, especially with a gray or black suit. Perhaps you could even try matching them to your neckpiece or pocket square.