Designer Dresses for the Mother of Bride/Groom

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While for the upcoming wedding, you’ll truly have a lot of questions about finding an elegant mother of the bride dress, outfitting bridal party, gala night outfit and more. Some expert advice would come in handy.

Here are some tips for choosing the elegant mother of the bride dresses.

What’s your style?

·         Halter dresses and suits

Your daughter will be looking great – that’s given. It’s time to focus on you. What’s your style? Today, there are numerous options for the modern mom which has made it hard to characterize ‘mother of the bride dresses’.

We see many younger mothers dressed in halter dresses with jackets. The jacket makes the halter dress appropriate for a chapel service; however, it can later be taken off for the gala dance. Also, some younger mothers dress in suits and more elaborate dresses.

·         Elegant outfits

It has become acceptable to wear elegant, sexy outfits that show some skin. The current trend: movement away from the traditional designs and towards a more hip look. The major problem is that mothers put off their dressing until the last minute. They don’t get the adequate time they need to choose the elegant dress for the special occasion.

Consult widely

Make a lot of consultations before making your final decision. Your dress should complement dress choice of the bride-to-be and the wedding party, both in formality and colour. Some bride-to-be will envision their mothers in a particular shade and style, so be sure to consult with your daughter.

You’ll need to discuss with the mother of the groom, so you avoid wearing dresses with clashing colours, or worse still, putting on the same dress. If your daughter doesn’t already have a particular shade for you, you’ll have numerous choices to fit her colour scheme. Off-white, bone, black and navy are the most popular mother-of-the-bride-colour-shades, but Sienna, pale to bright blues and sage green are gradually gaining ground.

Black is a fashionable shade, particularly for ultra-formal evening weddings. However, white remains a wedding-day taboo shade for elegant mother of the bride dresses. Unless you want to that gamble with the colour and style at the last minute, it’s best to shop for your dress as soon as the bride-to-be has chosen her wedding gown and her attendants’ dresses.

Re-wearable dress

After the last picture goes down, and the birdseeds are tossed, you’ll still have your dress. After making the right choice for your dress, you’ll have a darling style that will fit a nice dinner, other weddings or cocktail parties.

If you’re targeting re-wearability and won’t be attending a black-tie fundraiser or the Oscars shortly, you should keep your dress choice versatile and simple. You can go for an elegant suit with a long skirt. Today, people are quite price conscious; you can shorten a long gown or suit and wear it again.


Looking the part as the bride’s mother of the bride is widely important to many women, and you need to mark the special event with an elegant dress as much as the bride. Wedding fashionists can help take away some of your stress by helping you finds what fits your personality and colouring.

Once chosen, they can also assist in selecting matching accessories such as hats and jewelry and advice on shoes. At Vicky Mar Fashions, we aim to offer a sophisticated selection of elegant mother of the bride dresses that are modern, chic and flattering. We also hope that the pieces will be ones you can wear again rather than being one-off that will be left hanging in the wardrobe after the wedding day.