Evening gowns for the wedding reception

You want to remain gorgeous and maintain the same note as in the rest of your wedding in the moment you change your gowns…. Well, this is definitely possible as long as you take into account all the things we’re exposing here. In fact, we thought it would really be a nice idea to share with you some interesting models of evening gowns that are going to be a perfect replacement for the wedding gown- which is kind of uncomfortable and you can’t remain in it during the dances and all the things you intend on doing in the reception.

So, we would like you to take into account Jim Hjelm’s collection for a fresh breath of air and in the end it sounds interesting to apply for some of these, you’re going to see it immediately.

We start with this really nice model of evening gown that looks indeed gorgeous and it’s going to look on you in the same manner. So, there’s this long dress made in a pink tone and that will be like the first love for you- it’s going to be like love on the first sight! So, it’s designed in a rather baby doll manner with a deep cleavage and it helps the breasts be highlighted in a gorgeous manner as well. On the breast line you can observe a flower details and all kinds of tiered details underneath the waist line, which continue down to the floor with the long and A-line skirt.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Here’s another interesting looking dress, which is really gorgeous in the same time and that is not going to let you down, be sure of that. So there’s the round neckline that you’re going to observe and that is going to highlight your breasts in a gorgeous manner as well. The straps are medium sized and this is almost all in what concerns the upper side of the dress.

The other thing that we want to mention about, relates to the short skirt and the fact that the waistline is highlighted in a gorgeous manner with a thin line. Indeed, some interesting things that surround this evening gown that we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with instantly.

The last model that we thought it would really be a nice idea to share with you is definitely this one and we’re sure that you’re going to love it as much as the other ones. So, there’s this yellow medium dress that is strapless.

This particular evening gown is made in a really interesting manner, it brings you a feeling of joy and it has only fresh touches about it.

So, the sweetheart neckline continued with tiered details on the bodice and on the waist line as well. The skirt is made from tiered details and it’s made of multiple layers of fabric…..