More Than One Wedding Gown?

Before you even begin shopping for your bridal gown I am sure you already know what type of dress you want. Most brides have an image in their mind about how they want to look on their wedding day. There’s a certain feel that every bride wants to portray.

This can all change when you go to try on gowns, and fall in love with more than one. Of course the dresses will be completely opposite styles, and now you are torn. Why not do both? As a planner, I have been seeing this more and more. During the ceremony brides will wear the most elegant, classic, traditional gown, but then during the reception they do a wardrobe change and come out in a dress that really shows their unique personality.

Indian wedding dress for ceremony
Wedding Dress for the Ceremony

After wearing your amazing, traditional, dress during the ceremony, you may find it is not functional for the night of dancing, mingling and fun you have ahead. Go for comfort! Lets be honest, your perfect dress is amazing but it can be heavy and stiff, and you may be concerned about the delicate details. As a bride you may also be looking for a WOW factor. Arriving to your reception in a different gown is a great way to capture your guests’ attention when you walk in as MR. and MRS!

Wedding Gown for the Reception

To be realistic, not all of us have the budget to have both. Every wedding detail costs something and I know you want to stay as close to your budget as possible. If you can’t afford a second gown, why not look into convertible dresses? There are so many beautiful dresses that can be worn during you’re traditional ceremony, but during the reception the heavy train can be removed! How perfect is that? Two in one! You can also change up the look of your gown by adding or removing sleeves or straps, splashing a little bit of color with a ribbon or other detailing, or by changing into fabulous shoes. This will definitely create a more fun, ready to celebrate look!

Reception Dancing Gown

So, you love your dress, but are still looking to create a spectacular grand entrance with a new twist? Change up your jewelry. Add some more bling, bigger bracelets, bigger earrings! Or literally let your hair loose! If you have an up do, how about changing it up and wearing some loose curls? You can also change your make-up look. See if your make-up artist can change up your eyes and lips to have more of a night time look. Ask your hair and make-up stylists for different tips and different looks that can be done to create a more dramatic feel!

One gown or two? DO BOTH! INDULGE! This is your day!

Too pricey? You can still create two remarkable looks at a lower cost! Use your imagination and create something that is uniquely you!

Will you be wearing more than one wedding gown? might you change your wedding dress for the reception? Have you seen this done?